My award

My award

Sunday, September 9, 2007

random pics

My trip to "Traders Joe" and the cute little pet parking lot caught my attention. the ice cream is from there too amd is worth a try. Perfect and not too sweet.

The leaning tower is from Chicago, yeah in a YMCA area.
The tom yum paste is a thai ingedient which is sweet and tangy and is perfect to make a huge pot of tom yum. something i always have in stock.
Some strawberries I bought, a dollar a box and so sweet. The best I had in a few years.
My refrigerator- a peek inside. Yes, I really cook everyday and eat loads of vegies ( I told you!).
I have finally found the perfect hang out spot- the Lutz pastry place. it has some amazing collection of pastries and cookies and you can pair it with wine, soda, beer or coffee. The best part is the ambience, light music and decorated with good taste. if I opened a cafe- it would be excatly like that, the right nook for friends and family and even small business meetings. Need I say more.

my favorite kitchen gadgets

Thats my tiny kitchen and gadgets i can't live without.

The slicer and right knives along with the red pepper grinder, a blender and my fun tea pot.
These are all valuable products and yet very affordable and worth every buck you spent. Most of them are available in regular stores and my tea pot in asian stores.
Take time to build up your kitchen because that will make you feel more at home than anything else.