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My award

Saturday, July 12, 2008

my favorite Calcutta eateries

I am guilty as charged for not blogging for the past few months.

I have been devouring a lot of places and in most cases haven't clicked the pics. I have been craving for momo today and if i get to be really lucky, I might just get some.

The food industry is in complete boom here (am still in India), while new shopping malls pop up here and there, fast food centers are crawling everywhere. KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Baskin and robbins has people lining up like crazy. While the menu is simililar, it has been localized by excluding beef and stocking up on veg and chicken recipes.

I have been visiting more of authentic places , one of my favorites being Hakka ( city center, Calcutta), it's Indian chinese served at its best in a great ambience and yet is reasonably priced.

Another is Sanjha Chulha, a typical "dhaba" style restaurant, with no frills- the food couldnt be better (on E.M. bypass, Calcutta).

Hanida Dhaba, is a place you have to go. I have been there thrice and had it to-go. The mounf of the food is mind boggling, one plate is enough for 3-4 people to share.

Really need to try something else today anmd as lazy as i feel right now, i just might change my mind for some lip smacking Calcutta specials.

So, hold on I just might step out today.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Let's face it, a 16 hour work schedule can tone down your cooking inspiration.

I haven't been cooking a lot lately, except when i really need to eat something and nothings available in my refrigerator except raw vegies. Yesterday was different, very different- while i relaxed in my apartment i had the time to go through the cooking blogs once again.

The pancake recipe was more than inspiration, decided to go grocery shopping. Luckily, in Calcutta, India (where I am) you get everything. So, i did some really good shopping from mayonnaise, sandwich breads, almonds, mocha coffee, chicken, eggs, pizza base, cheddar, mushrooms, cheeseballs, chinese sauce all in good spirit to finish it off with a large pizza, coke, garlic bread with cheese dip and some good friends.

I have my refrigerator loaded with left over pizza, so the pancake has to wait. To top it off, we ended up in a quiet beautiful spot in "Princep Ghat". It's a perfect view with River Ganges flowing and the two prominent Calcutta bridges, boats can be seen now and then which includes a grand floating restaurant all lit up for the night.

I fell in love with Calcutta for the first time and it couldn't have been better. It's one of the places which can soothe you, comfort you, bring back the real you. It is a far cry from the sophistication of shopping malls and the pizza places, the restaurants and hustle of the city. The place has the power to bring back the poetic instincts, the sensibility and the affinity for life.

I am glad I found my own spot in Calcutta, like I have with most cities....something that makes you feel at home.

So, new recipes are on their way and I promise to carry my camera next time I happen to stop by "Princep Ghat".

(pictures: Google images)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

flavors from India

Hi everyone, this posting is really special because I am India and while i taste some local recipes, so can you.

The first one is
"LITTI" (click on "LITTI" for the recipe) a traditional Bihari recipe (from the state of Bihar), I have always enjoyed having them, however i have to admit i have never made them. It is one of those winter recipes that will warm your heart. It is usually served with the eggplant curry (baigan ka bharta) or potao curry.

The second one is a green pea stuffed "puris". It's a common weekend affair in my home and they taste wonderful. If you cannot afford the time to make it, please make sure to try some where ever available. The process is really simple-
  • knead flour with some oil and water
  • once done, keep it aside. make small balls of flour and keep them
  • on the other hand; mash the boiled peas and sautee it with some garlic and onion.
  • stuff the peas into the flour balls and then using a pinroll, turn it into a small round shaped "puri".
  • heat up a pan (preferably deep pan) and pour some oil
  • once heated, slowly drop the rolled flat "puri" one at a time.
  • give each side 2 mints and once it turns light brown, they are ready
  • serve with sauce, pickle or any side dish you like.

While you enjoy the flavors of India, more are yet to come as i enjoy the local affair!