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My award

Sunday, February 3, 2008

flavors from India

Hi everyone, this posting is really special because I am India and while i taste some local recipes, so can you.

The first one is
"LITTI" (click on "LITTI" for the recipe) a traditional Bihari recipe (from the state of Bihar), I have always enjoyed having them, however i have to admit i have never made them. It is one of those winter recipes that will warm your heart. It is usually served with the eggplant curry (baigan ka bharta) or potao curry.

The second one is a green pea stuffed "puris". It's a common weekend affair in my home and they taste wonderful. If you cannot afford the time to make it, please make sure to try some where ever available. The process is really simple-
  • knead flour with some oil and water
  • once done, keep it aside. make small balls of flour and keep them
  • on the other hand; mash the boiled peas and sautee it with some garlic and onion.
  • stuff the peas into the flour balls and then using a pinroll, turn it into a small round shaped "puri".
  • heat up a pan (preferably deep pan) and pour some oil
  • once heated, slowly drop the rolled flat "puri" one at a time.
  • give each side 2 mints and once it turns light brown, they are ready
  • serve with sauce, pickle or any side dish you like.

While you enjoy the flavors of India, more are yet to come as i enjoy the local affair!

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