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Saturday, August 18, 2007

steak time

Tonight for dinner I am planning on having tuna steaks and veggies. I had a salmon steak a few months back and liked it so much I decided to try tuna today.

Yesterday, we actually went for a steak dinner at “Chilies” and I enjoyed it too. We ordered a plate with half rack of baby back ribs and a steak with a side serving of mashed potatoes and veggies. The dinner ended with a cheesecake.

The portion size was so big that two of us actually could share it easily. It was a cool think to do, instead of ordering two entrees which happens most of time times and I never end up eating it entirely. So I have to pack them because I don’t want to waste it and it doesn’t feel so good the next day.

So, we actually decided to split one entrée for both of us and waited to see the quantity. It turned out to be a smart decision. The meal was delicious and it also gave us the chance to grab a dessert- the cheesecake.

Ah- all that gibberish. Today I got both the tuna and the salmon steaks. Now for the dinner plans-

The tuna steak
Season with salt and pepper on both sides
Heat a wide pan with vegetable oil
Add the tuna and fry both sides
When done heat up your oven top grill and place it there
One minute on both sides and they look yummy

The veggies
Clean fresh beans
Dice one red potato ( I like to keep carbs to minimum)
Boil one pot of hot water and add salt to it
Blanch the beans and potato in it
Drain off the water
Add the veggies to the pan with a little oil and one clove of garlic
Add salt and pepper

Serve the tune steak with veggies and if you are in a mood light up a candle and pour for yourself a glass of wine.

(the other pic is a to-go tiramisu available in downtown Chicago in cafe BACCI).

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rv said...

Hi, Liked your recipe:) ....I have a prize for you in my blog, do collect it out and collect it soon.