My award

My award

Sunday, October 7, 2007

fastest appetizer

Have you ever been in situations when you have friends over at your place and suddenly realize that your refrigerator is empty? Of course you can order Chinese or pizza but I always like doing something on my own as a way of appreciation to show that I am glad they came over. Dinner can always be ordered if the kitchen is not well stocked enough.

Since I brown bag my lunch in trying to control the calorie intake, I always have bread at hand. Here is a recipe; you can whip up even if you have nothing at hand. It’s a good appetizer with drinks or just starters while you call up for the delivery guy.

I have always hated soggy bread and I like things crisp and clean, while trying to cook up something fast I came up with the idea and it has been a hit with all my friends for years. The gathering always ends with people taking this recipe home. So, here’s my secret-

All you need-
Bread (white preferably)
Cilantro (if you have/optional)
Salt and pepper
Chili flakes

What you have to do-
Warm up a wide skillet with oil
Take a big bowl and fill it up with water -2 cups
Take slices of bread and soak it in water (1 mint)
Chop the onions, while the bread soaks and oil warms up
Take the soaked up bread and give it a tight squeeze to get rid of the water.
Add it to the owl with chopped onions and add salt and pepper and cilantro
Mix them well together and turn them to small balls
Once the ball is done, press them a little (so its looks flat) which will help them cook sooner.
Now, fry them up till golden brown and serve with ketchup or any sauce.

They are done astonishingly fast and your guests won’t even know it’s made with bread. They taste amazing and every bit of it will be devoured.

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