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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday instead of heading for a brunch, I decided to take a walk to the nearby "Borders" store to flip over some latest cookbooks.
The cookbook section seems deserted, except once in a while visits and I decided to step into the space for the next few hours. You have to be there to realize there are cookbooks for about almost everything. From how to cook healthy meals, to the crowded Food Network stars, international cooking to baking- you have it all.

A few minutes into the store and you get the idea of buying a cookbook that fits your wallet. Recipe cards are mostly under $10; no frill, just plain recipe. The hard bound cookbooks with loads of inserted colored photographs can cost you $20 and above. If you want something in between, go for the cookbooks which have recipes but no inserted culinary photographs or food stylists ($10-$20). Browsing through the store, I also found this amazing audio book of Chef Anthony Bourdain called "Kitchen Confidential" (adventures in the culinary underbelly). Priced at $19.95 it's an 8hour 20 minutes audio that promises to leave you asking for more.

"Mangoes and Curry Leaves" (Culinary travel through the great subcontinent), catchy title, it sure did get my attention (see the photograph). An interesting collection of recipes and some amazing photographs, it tastes the subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) food from the out of the country traveler’s point of view. I truly admire the spirit in which it was done but it left me with this lingering thought, if including cookbooks about subcontinent cooking was best done with books by the sub continent authors to get the real taste.
I did like a few books and my votes go for Rachael Ray’s classic- 30 minute meals (the all occasion cookbook) for $19.95. It’s about simple cooking and is reasonably priced. The essential baking was too sweet on the eyes; I loved the cupcake feeling that got translated through the cute pink cover.

Do you have a favorite chef, a cuisine that you are partial towards or a cookbook you wish someone had the idea of gifting you?
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Freya and Paul said...

Definitely anything by Anthony Bourdain is good with me!